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PRO TECH Software provides its clients with a wide range of services spanning the entire development process. Clients can utilize PRO TECH for the entire development cycle or only for selected portions that require additional support and consultation. Our services are available on an hourly or project basis (see Rates and Billing). At PRO TECH, we draw upon our vast experience to provide our customers with the best possible services. As a custom software development firm, there are no limits on what projects we can undertake. However, most software development efforts require the same basic types of services. Some of the common services available from PRO TECH include:

System Architecture and Design…

Design is often the most critical phase of any software development effort. In many cases, the quality of the finished software is directly proportional to the quality of the initial design. One metaphor is particularly appropriate… Ask yourself this question: What quality of house would you get if you built it with no blueprints? Custom software development is an investment. As with any substantial investment, planning is crucial. However, there is a trade-off. It is possible to over-design. This leads to lost time and money. PRO TECH has the experience to strike the proper balance.


The key to quality development is sharp people with a well thought-out plan. Good organization allows developers to modularize the development process. This results in rapid implementation of a system that can be easily tested and expanded for future versions. PRO TECH provides a highly qualified technical staff with years of software development experience.

IT Support and Network Administration…

PRO TECH has IT network professionals familiar with all types of heterogeneous networks. Clients have utilized our services to design, install, and manage their network systems. Some clients have even outsourced the IT support for their entire office to PRO TECH.

Testing and Quality Assurance…

With our experience in the software development field, PRO TECH can provide an extremely valuable third-party perspective, when brought in to test/QA another vendor’s software. System testing is fundamental to the quality of any software. Although many developers take short cuts and settle for only testing their software during development (Alpha-Testing), we at PRO TECH always encourage our clients to include a distinct testing phase to any software project. This testing phase allows the system to be tested as a completed unit, and is usually done by someone other than the developer. In this manner, additional user feedback on the functionality and usability of the software can be integrated prior to initial release. Completion of the testing phase is accomplished through preliminary use by actual end users of the software in the real world conditions of the client’s site (Beta-Testing).

Technical Documentation and Training Services…

PRO TECH consultants have developed numerous user manuals, reference guides, and introductory training materials to accompany our custom software over the years. This experience has provided us with the ability to quickly generate production quality documents. Rather than hiring technical writers (who are often unfamiliar with the underlying technology) to extract information from developers, many of our clients simply have PRO TECH develop the supporting materials. PRO TECH consultants have become so good at this in fact, that many clients have engaged PRO TECH for the sole purpose of creating technical documentation and complete training programs.

Placement and Recruiting Services…

Finding just the right person for a challenging technical staff position can be quite difficult. Standard placement services often provide overwhelming lists of “candidates,” however many of the resumes provided to the client firms are seldom worth reviewing. This is because the placement firms are not technical people and therefore cannot properly filter the resumes for the hiring managers. PRO TECH solves this problem for managers by taking a low volume, high quality approach. With our technical background, we can serve as a front-end filter for managers who do not want to spend their time reviewing every resume.

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